Donate to The Medbury Centennial Fund   
The Medbury Centennial Fund has been established as a capital campaign under the umbrella of the Medbury School Foundation. This campaign is a multi-year initiative aimed to achieve extraordinary results and help position the School for the future.  

Money donated will either go to the current Master Plan or be directed to the Foundation, at the discretion of the donor.  

The aim is to raise funds for the advancement of education, including key building initiatives in line with the Master Plan.  Medbury looks forward to working with our community of alumni and friends to continue building on our rich history.  

Master Plan

Donate today to key building initiatives in line with the Master Plan, we have some exciting  projects coming up in 2023.


Donate here to the Medbury School Foundation, your funds will be directed to the Foundation for the advancement of education.  


Medbury School welcomes your bequest, of any size. Every bequest makes an enduring and meaningful difference, supporting the School's vision. 

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